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Wizzy’s Words, created to help you to help your children, to develop their oral vocabulary, before school entry where possible. Why? My classroom observations and academic research, show that children's school entry level of oral vocabulary, is a marker for their educational and life-long success. How can you help? By actively and interactively, sharing Wizzy’s Words with your children, you will be sharing the oral vocabulary that underpins successful, happy learning. Come on in and get ready to, ‘Rhyme away, every day to make learning, child’s play.'

Click the tabs below for free downloadable sample rhymes. Use the other tabs to find out more about Wizzy's Words, to get in touch with me, or to ask any questions that you may have. Jacqueline

Wizzy's Words

Wizzy's Words

Publication: Aug. 28, 2021

A book of modern nursery rhymes for developing reading readiness with children from birth to 5 and beyond.
A book that contains the essential school entry, oral vocabulary that underlies educational and life-long success.
A book based on extensive research and universally validated children's language development data.

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The Mystery of The Missing Words...

The Mystery of The Missing Words… Too many children continue to miss language targets at 5, 11, 16… (For data see: Tickell 2011; Law et al 2016; Hinds 2018; Hazell 2021…) This is a mystery when we look at the wealth and quality of children’s books… Use Wizzy's Words to solve the mystery and bridge the gap between spoken and written language.