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Classroom observations and academic research led me to develop a book of re-worked nursery rhymes, containing the oral vocabulary for educational success, for today's under 5s+. Share them actively and interactively with your child, safe in the knowledge that you will be supporting their communication, cognitive, physical and social and emotional development.

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Wizzy's Words

Wizzy's Words

Publication: Aug. 28, 2021

A book of re-worked nursery rhymes for developing reading readiness with children from birth to 5 and beyond.
A book that contains the essential school entry, oral vocabulary that underlies educational and life-long success.
A book based on extensive research and universally validated children's language development data.
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The Mystery of The Missing Words...

The Mystery of The Missing Words… Too many children continue to miss language targets at 5, 11, 16… (For data see: Tickell 2011; Law et al 2016; Hinds 2018; Hazell 2021…) This is a mystery when we look at the wealth and quality of children’s books… Use Wizzy's Words to solve the mystery and bridge the gap between spoken and written language.